Mountain School, Ltidiwé, Cameroon, Africa


The school you see here (in August 2002) is in the village of Ltidiwé in the mountains above Mora. Pictured are Alex (standing 4th from right, front row), André Doucha ("the Pastor," standing to Alex's right), Mamadou Bimba Djouma ("Bimba," standing at far right), Mahamma Bello (standing behind the Pastor's right shoulder) and some of the village men and children. The Chief is standing 2nd from the right in the white robe.

Alex has been working for some time on this school project with the Pastor, villagers and others. There are about 6,000 people who make up the village, which is actually scattered over the mountain. They did not have their own school before. Of all the children, only 8 (all boys) hiked every day 1 1/2 hours down the mountain to the school in Mora. This year about 125 children (including girls) attended the school you see here taught by a paid teacher. Next year, when the project is scheduled to be completed, they are aiming for about 250 children housed in two cinder block school rooms near this location.

Update: The long awaited funding was approved in September 2002 for about 2/3s of the amount sought. The money itself was received in October 2002. For now, the project has been downsized to one classroom and a small office with secure space for supplies. The government has already assigned a paid teacher to the school. The construction of the school next to this thatched school began in November 2002 and was nearly completed by February 2003. This is a significant accomplishment! All involved are extremely pleased!


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