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"With aging, I found myself moving more carefully. Kiersten challenges my coordination and balance. So, now, I trust myself more again." -D.S.

"My doctor was surprised to tell me that my bone density test showed dramatic improvement ... and I measured 1" taller!" -S.A.

"My husband and I took a group Pilates class for a few months before moving here and we loved the movement. Now that we've been working with Kiersten, we realize how much more we can get out of this exercise! She works with my husband on stretching all over, standing taller and movement that helps his golf game. She works with me on relieving my lower back pain and strengthening my stomach muscles. We both feel amazing after our workouts! We also appreciate her communication and timeliness when she comes to our home in the country for our appointments." -C.S.

"Once I began to master an understanding of core strength and core initiation, Kiersten began introducing small equipment - I call them toys - to make my sessions endlessly varied, fun and new ... but always as effective." -K.D.

"Kiersten has given me some mat exercises to practice at home to maintain my strength and flexibility, but I honestly couldn't live without my reformer time or Kiersten's attentive feedback. I'll think I'm moving correctly and then - with the slightest adjustment made by Kiersten - I'll feel the muscle work double!" -S.L.B.

"Now I can laugh hysterically without peeing on myself." -M.V.

"I am a bicycle racer and Ironman competitor, so I thought I was extremely strong; but, in working with Kiersten, I've become aware of some surprising weaknesses and imbalances. I told her I wanted a challenge and, sure enough, I feel the deep muscles we worked on the day after each session." -B.S.

"Kiersten travels to my rural home so I can fit my workout into my schedule." -D.S.

"I've become so much stronger and more confident that I've removed the back brace I've worn for the past 12 years ... and I feel great!" -S.A.